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Yoko Reijn
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Yoko exhibits mainly in South African Galleries

  • Barrydale Art Hotel (current)

  • Baardskeerdersbos (2019)

  • Porterville (2016)

  • Barrydale (2015)

  • George (2013) 

  • Germany (1990)

  • Cape Gallery

  • Kirstenbosch Gardens

She has also participated in a number of group exhibitions, including:

  • ArtB Gallery, Bellville

  • FynArts, Hermanus

  • Breytenbach Gallery, Wellington

  • Art Karoo Gallery, Oudsthoorn

  • Strijdom Gallery, George



Based in Gansbaai, Yoko Reijn is inspired by the Klein Karoo and its landscape and climate.

"Having lived in several countries and in different cultures. I come to realise that when I want to understand other people, their and mine ways of using form is very limited. Each culture has its very own symbols and own ways to express and to communicate their experiences. 

She is an abstract artist working in mostly vibrant coloured acrylics. “Colour is my medium. It is very personal and individual, loaded with feelings, triggering memories and sensations,” says Yoko.


“Everything is impermanent, about cause and effect, and ever-changing. Currently these aspects find expression in my paintings."

While she hopes to touch each viewer deeply with her work, the true meaning of each piece is in the eye of the beholder.


“I can only lay down the finished work in front of them. From there on they start creating it themselves with their own view and reality.”

For me, abstract art draws its value mainly from its mental/spiritual aspect and my vision is to be found within the Buddhist view:

Everything is impermanent, cause and effect, and ever-changing. These aspects find expression in my paintings.
That what exists is the personal experience of what we perceive. Each one of us experiences and creates his own reality.

This experience may be pleasant or unpleasant. It depends on how we see beauty or ugly, are at peace or in anger. 

Working with strongly thinned paint means literally making one stain after another. While watching it dry the paint is , pushed, blown and scratched

Yoko holds Honours in Book Illustrating Courses at Slade and Central St Martins

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