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Tracy's works appear in private collections around the world 


  • South Africa

  • Namibia

  • Malawi

  • England

  • Wales

  • The Isle of Man

  • France, Canada

  • USA

  • Australia



Tracy Algar has lived and worked in Stanford since 2014. Tracy works spontaneously with colour and marks in a range of mediums, including acrylic paint, pencil, ink and oil pastel. Her painting embraces intuition and the inner landscape, typifying the colour and creativity that is the result of that dialogue with the inner world. Each of Tracy’s artworks express a feeling or thought caught in a fleeting moment.


Tracy began painting in her early forties in an attempt to express what she had previously been unable to. So began her quest to release what she had held trapped inside unexpressed. Her colourful, narrative style is her way of exposing her heart and soul to the world. Tracy welcomes visitors by appointment to her studio where you can view her art and see where she works.


"My art reflects my busy mind and I have a deep curiosity to know more and look deeper.  As I go about my life, I collect colours and shapes with my eyes, and they go into a reservoir, connected to a feeling or thought, that I can tap into later when I’m in front of a canvas with a brush in my hand. I work spontaneously with colour and marks in a range of mediums, including acrylic paint, pencil, ink and oil pastel.


Each painting is a personal expression or reflection of a thought or feeling caught in a fleeting moment. My artworks develop intuitively and many contain happy accidents created by the adding of layers and the making of marks, and the subtracting of parts of the painting by colour blocking."

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