Thanduxolo Ma-awu
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  • Luthuli Tutu award for painting (2001 )

  • Recipient of Robben Island Scholarship (2001)

  • DF Contemporary Gallery, Cape Town - Origin & Lineage (2016)


Thanduxolo Ma-awu remembers in his childhood discovering a rock painting in a field while tending livestock.  Fascinated by the imagery he wondered if he could replicate the world in the same way and started drawing and sketching in his school books. He normally paints people in the act of very ordinary tasks, but in their expressions, the artist attempts to underline their motives and expressions.

Ma-awu's art revolves around human experiences and how individuals build identities with the changing world. 

"Everything is always changing, even ourselves. We are never fixed in the same situations and there is always a way out from harsh realities."

His preferred medium is oil on canvas.

Ma-awu graduated from Border Technikon in the Eastern Cape in 2004.

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