Sonja Peacock
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Having had numerous triumphant exhibitions and exhibiting her works at many galleries, her art pieces are much sought after locally and internationally.



"For me my abstract art is the freedom to work from my subconscious, where no rules or reference to anything applies.I hope it will awaken images from  the subconcious mind of the buyers of my art to reveal what is important to them at that time as it does for me.

With my paintings I have experimented with different art styles and mediums over the years. Though a lot of my work are realistic, my favourite painting style is abstract art because of the freedom to work from my subconscious mind and my favourite medium is acrylics 
because of the fast drying time."


Sonja Peacock is South African artist who has been painting for over 30 years. She has background in the scenic art industry working on some large scale international projects and working independently for many years before that as a paint technique artist.


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