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Featured artist:  Jonel Scholtz

"My work is simple and emotional, there are my experiences, intense emotions from an event or a scene that affect me. Sitting in front of my canvas, I need to create a painting that expresses my emotions with the same intensity that I feel: pure and true. My interior paintings create intense and evocative domestic scenes. The frames found there - mostly doors and windows - draw attention to the rites of passage and socialization and the organization of space. Although decidedly figurative, the expressive qualities of my paintings evoke the security and comfort of the ideal house in our collective imagination. My nudes express the fragility of the feminine form. teenager an unbalanced idea of ​​what the world expected from me led me to anorexia. I still have a difficult relationship with food and with my body, which I learned to express in my paintings with focus on the sexuality and beauty of the female body forms. My imagination and the brain are still in supernova mode - always watching very close to the everyday life of what's going on around me. For me, the creation of a painting is like a journey in the end of which I always discover something about myself..." read full article

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