Delta Humanness

Delta Humanness 

Author: Reece Swanepoel

Price: R 200 (including courier) - purchase

About the author:

Reece Swanepoel is a well-known contemporary artist and author.  He was born in Cape Town but grew up in Mossel Bay. Passion is the most important thing in life to him: Passion for creation, passion for mistakes and passion for growth being the most important.  As can be seen in his writings, he combines the inquisitiveness of a child with the intellect of an elder.

"What is human? What is humane? What is humanness? Where do we draw the line to decide since we are animals, yet so very distinct? Contrary to my own prior opinion, it is much more difficult to describe the subject of what makes us human since we ourselves are the object of discussion. It's difficult because we as a species are ever changing.  If the earth existed for a day x we would only have been here for seven seconds. Yet look at how much we have accomplished; look at how much we have destroyed. The changing of humanness, as what delta means, has always been a persisting interest.  It is of paramount importance to know who we are and how we got here and to know where we're going and why..."

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