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Delta Humanness
by Reece Swanepoel
Good Taste Magazine
Breaking Bad with Jimmy Law

May / June 2017
Art Times, May 2018
Derric van Rensburg
Die Kind is nog Jonger
Portrait of Ingrid Jonker by Jonel Scholtz

(CD & LP Cover)
Derric van Rensburg
Commemorative coffee-table book
SA Artists, issue 34
Featured artist: Jonel Scholtz
Dictionary of artists of the waterberg
Featuring Roelof Rossouw
Arte al Limite
Featuring Jimmy Law
Pretoria Artists' Impressions
1857 - 2001, a Collector's Guide

Featuring Roelof Rossouw
SA Artist, issue 20
Featured artist: Jimmy Law
Royal Monaco Web magazine
Jonel Scholtz exposé
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