Lydia Ehlers
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With a National Diploma in Tourism Management and Human Resources Management.  I finished my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) year end 2015.  However educated in the academics, my love for practicing art has always driven my being.

From an early age, growing up on a small-holdings in Sundra (a small town in the East Rand of Johannesburg). I showed interest in art at a young age and believes this comes from both my Mother and Father who were good at art. 


Humble beginnings with sketching and water paint ensured that the fire for painting burned continuously.

After my 3 years studies in Tourism Management, I started working in the HR and Roster department of a company.  With my first salary I bought myself an oil paint set, brushes and canvas.  Mainly painting for myself and my family, the love grew bigger and as a self-taught artist, became better at it with every try.

Juggling a career, own recruitment business, further studies and family is a tricky business and many times my hobby had to fall by the wayside.

 Finally, I have come to a point in my life where I can incorporate my love for art, my hobby, into my life and am having extreme fulfillment as I create new ideas constantly without planning it.

"See, with Wax Art you cannot determine what your picture will be like.  Because of the way the wax melts and mixes when you heat and re-heat it, it becomes alive and forms unbelievable pictures.  Because of it’s quick drying, it also allows you to finish the pictures in a much shorter period than e.g. oil painting with unique and excellent images.  It is also not possible to create duplications with wax – thus every art piece remains unique." 

I love to create any kind of art but nature scenes, especially trees and landscapes are my favorite.



  • Bloemfontein War Museum

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