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The fourth industrial revolution
Jen Lewis
Jen Lewis
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  • 2017 - Dream now, dream not, the annual Winter Solstice Exhibition, The Cape Gallery

  • 2014 - Pause; the annual wildlife exhibition at The Cape Gallery 

  • Threshold, annual Winter Solstice exhibition at The Cape Gallery

  • 2011  - Annual wild life exhibition at The Cape Gallery 

  • Continuum, Solstice Exhibition, Cape Gallery

  • 2006 and 2007 - Exhibited with 'Original Cape Art' Group at Kirstenbosch

  • 2002  - Group Exhibition at Foundation Studio opened by Lindy Waterkeyn

  • 1994  - Group Exhibition opened by Dr Zefra Gitay at Jane se Kunshuis, Paarl

  • 1992 - Group Exhibition at Constantia Village Gallery - opened by Paul Emsley

  • 1987  - Group Exhibition: Artscape 


"I have always loved drawing intuitively. Gestural drawing is liberating. Responses are immediate and so spontaneous and direct as to permit an escape not possible for me with slower processes of creativity.

A South African workshop I attended ... mentored by Dutch facilitators with a focus on “Leadership through Art” encouraged participants to transcend the ego by singing, dancing, drawing, painting and working with clay in an uninhibited way.


This, together with a Nigel Mullens workshop and two week Summer School Course at the Slade Art School in London, has encouraged me to let go of an obsessive attachment to technical training and realism and to listen to my intuition."

It has been a liberating experience to simply surrender and discover what happens. I’ve spent much of the time at my disposal this year doing just that."



1960-1963 B.A. Rhodes University. Majors: History and Textile Design

​1968 - Post Graduate Primary Teacher's Diploma.


Taught art at: Pinehurst Primary School; Claremont Public School; Micklefield School; Ruth Prowse Art Centre 1982-1987


Part time Student at Foundation School of Art - Graphic Art under Barbara Pitt. I developed a love for and confidence in drawing.1988-1989


Stellenbosch University: B.A. Honours in Book Illustrating under Nicki Daly

2004-2006 Organized workshop with Judith Mason and Paul Emsley

2007 Attended workshop with Nigel Mullens

1980-1996 Illustrated children's books including text books e.g.

• The yellow balloon by Di Hoffmeyr
• Egoli by Reviva Schermbrucker
• Janel se Vakansie by Joelyn Dreyer
• Matchbox Series: "Mielies" by Reviva Schermbrucker
• Mama with the Red Hat by Jen Lewis

2000 -2003 Oil Painting at Foundation Studio under Lindy Waterkeyn

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