Janette Bellringer
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  • Bellringer Art Gallery

  • America, England, Italy

  • 2018:  Vaal Art Society,  Best of Bloemfontein,  Parys Art Festival, Ethnic Roots, Frida Kahlo At Johann van Heerden Art Gallery

  • 2017:  Best of Bloemfontein,  Na-tanya Art,  Artexpertise Florence Italy,  South African Portrait Society


Opening of exhibition in Italy​ - Galeria Merlino


  • Kotze Art Gallery

  • Pour La Belle Interiors

  • NaTanya Art

  • Bellringer art Gallery

  • Johann van Heerden Art Gallery



"I was born in 1960 and grew up on a farm in Free State and currently live in Bloemfontein with my family, David, my husband, Lola, the Labrador, and Diva, the cat!!!


I started painting full-time in 2011.  As I had studied fashion and had my own clothing factory, I was used to working with color.  Becoming a full-time artist was just another dimension   to what I was us to do.  I prefer working with oils, but also enjoy working with mixed media."

The farm raised girl chose to become a fashion designer before taking up painting as her profession.

"Her confidently competent style drawings immediate attention. She is not scared to play with color and manages to create from and movement leading to a pleasurable viewing experience"

- Marina Volpi, Director of Art Expertise, Florence

​Janette Bellringer calls herself an emerging artist but has created a diversity of successful works any established artist would be proud of. 

Janette has attended various workshops with leading South African artists

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