Eddy Ochieng
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He has exhibited in different places in Kenya and abroad including;

  • The Nude art exhibition hosted by the Diani beach art Gallery (2015)

  • Garden of art exhibition hosted by Owl's nest in Kenya

  • Mask art Prize in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

  • He won the price for the under 25 painting category in the 2017 exhibition. (The MASK Prize is a

  • non-for-profit programme pioneered by a UK education charity MASK and the The Kenya art fair in 2015 and



His work entails capturing the world as it is. Having His source of inspiration as nature, he has recently broke down this broad subject and zeroed in on human figures, and portraits.


“I take a keen interest in the things that make up the diversity that there is in people. Talk of skill, character, age, gender, race, religion, political affiliations and culture.” These aspects are like a network of warps and wefts intertwined together and from an arial view would appear as a beautiful fabric.


He uses oil paints on canvas and employs a technique widely known as hyper realism or photo realism, where he represents the subject in consideration as is given. He often calls it the mirror effect.

The whole motive of my approach is to take a given subject and probe its reality fervently. The real world engages more when depicted with hands on a canvas.

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