Derric van Rensburg
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Derric's first exhibition was held in 1978 in Cape Town and was sold out within a few days. Since then he has exhibited many times in South Africa and also in Portugal, England, Italy, Australia and Germany.

In December 2009, Derric held a solo exhibition in Bavaria, Germany, and his next solo exhibition in South Africa was held at the Lindy van Niekerk Art Gallery in Welgemoed, Cape Town in May 2010 in celebration of his 58th birthday on 5 May that year.


Most of his commissions are placed by multinational corporate clients, which include

  • First National Bank

  • South African Airways

  • Transnet

  • Liberty Life

  • Price Waterhouse Coopers

  • Reebok

  • Ernst & Young

  • Alexander Forbes

  • BP and Mobil

as well as a number of South Africa's best known hotels.​

His work is represented by selected top galleries throughout South Africa and abroad, and many of his paintings hang in homes and major corporate companies in Australia, England, Singapore, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany and Italy.


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Derric van Rensburg, internationally acclaimed for his superb impressionist paintings, is widely rated as one of South Africa's top artists. British artist JJ Adams worked in van Rensburg's studio following his family's emigration to South Africa from the UK and cites him as one of his greatest influences

"Derric has for many years been something of a secret personality on the South African art scene. He has an infectuos and carefree attitude and is never one to make waves or crave recognition, hence admirers of his paintings have been more aware of his works than his name." - Ron Ranson, well known international artist, connoisseur and art collector, United Kingdom

Following humble beginnings, Derric has emerged as one of the true heavyweights of the local and international art scene

It all started at the age of ten when he completed his first pencil drawing, and his career later followed the commercial and manufacturing world of the creative arts. He progressed to teaching art before becoming a professional artist in 1986.

Having always felt a profound connection to the natural environment since early childhood, this versatile and prolific artist draws his inspiration from the abundant beauty found in the African landscape, as well as the rich variety of people, fauna and flora inhabiting it.  To the delight of audiences at home and abroad, his broad brush strokes and sometimes abstract visual intensity, coupled with ingenious impressionist flair, continues to capture the true aesthetic essence of this rugged continent.


He is especially known for his colourful land-, sea- and earthscapes, female figures, abstract wildlife and the use of bright acrylic colours in these paintings.

Derric has contributed richly to the development of emerging artists in South Africa, not only through teaching art as a profession, but also through numerous workshops and private tutorials across the country. As part of his personal social responsibility program, Derric is engaged in an art training program at this school for talented young people and at the same time generating funds for Bergvliet High School.

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