Barbara Becker
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Barbara's past and current work is owned locally and internationally by established, enthusiastic private and corporate collections alike.


  • The Artists Eye – Group exhibition


  • Lindy Van Niekerk Art Gallery

  • Little Gems – Group exhibition

  • Mullers Art Gallery – Group exhibition



Barbara Becker (b 1965) is a Cape Town based South African artist whose paintings and charcoal drawings focus on the importance of preserving the Fauna, Flora and culture of her immediate environment. Her works lead with visually meditative surface aesthetics which have deep nuances of emotion, mystery and symbolism. 

Her current works capture the energy of the feminine emerging from darkness to light in her paintings, and uses symbolism of flowers and cultural objects to convey the importance of preserving what is essentially our inherited environment.  Her charcoal drawings have the illusion of layers but simultaneously allow the viewer to visually complete the picture. Barbara’s past works were mainly landscape paintings executed in a slightly expressionistic style.

Barbara’s work is shown at galleries as well as on social media platforms. Up until now she chose to self-represent herself but recently secured gallery representation to show her works.

"I would say the beginning of 2018 was a 180 degree positive turning point in my art career. This was when I really found my voice.

I had up until that point been painting and drawing with no particular direction, but there was a constant voice at the back of my mind asking the same question “How can I stand out from the crowd, and what is my message.” After much thought about what was important and what subject matter made me feel passionate about my work, I launched my ‘Heritage Series’ paintings and charcoal drawings in January 2018.

The paint works are symbolical, and the focus is on the importance of preserving our declining inherited Fauna, Flora and local culture. Much of the floral representation in the works has symbolical attachment or is garnered from the immediate South African environment. The female figure is used as women are by nature nurturers. She is specifically placed in a chiaroscuro manner, depicting the opportunity that our environment or culture could have of emerging from the darkness of decline into the light of survival. The wreath around her neck should leave the viewer wondering whether it is nesting for growth or a burden.

The whole idea behind the series is to leave the viewer with a thought provoking image that they can place self-interpretation on.

Moving forward, it is my intention to create art works with juxtaposition symbolism, and once again using the softer female form. All in all I am inspired by nature and the power of the feminine. It is an ongoing exciting process to see my works manifest themselves from idea to canvas."

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