Arte el limite

Arte al Limite

4 January 2016

"South African Painter,  Jimmy Law"

By Lia Alvear

"An authentic glance


Scale portraits, intense colors, thick strokes, and energetic movements are only some of the characteristics with which the painter invites to decipher the penetrating and, perhaps, lost look of those he captures on his canvas.


Before dedicating himself to painting, Jimmy Law worked at a printing company, designed costumes, manufactured surfboards and was a freelance illustrator; common activities for a graduate in Graphic Design, since 1993. This occurred because painting was not a part of Law´s life until 15 years later when he decided to replace his professional tools with brushes and dedicate himself fully to what is in his words, "the right direction". Law admits, nonetheless, that his studies on design have strongly influenced his canvas. "This makes my work unique until a certain point, I suppose. If you think about it, all beautiful art has somehow participated in design.  Designing means planning and all good art requires a share of it, too. However, painting is much more complicated, since it is built on many constructed layers, and has an interaction which is often delicate and complex.  Learning to paint well is much more difficult than illustrating", the artist says..." read full article

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